Shinrei Tantei Yakumo

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Haruka, consulted by a friend who ran into a ghost at school, goes to the Movie Research Circle to see a man with mysterious powers. However, the person who meets her there is an affected young man with terrible bed hair and sleepy eyes. What does Haruka consult him about? A confinement and murder case at a women’s university, a false suicide case… The great detective who can see the spirits of the dead, Saitou Yakumo, takes these cases on in this astoundingly high-speed spiritual mystery!

Psychic Detective Yakumo,
Psychic Detective Yakumo: The Alternate Story,
Shinrei Tantei Yakumo (ODA Suzuka),
Spirit Detective Yakumo,
Thám Tử Tinh Thần,
ยาคุโมะ นักสืบวิญญาณ,
심령탐정 야쿠모

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