[Lee In-hye] I became the tyrant’s secretary.

In order to live, he became a tyrant’s secretary instead of a real brother.

But I guess I’m really good at it. Even if I work, I did so well

Thanks to our tyrant’s good assistant, ‘everyone happy ending’ is good.

Then shall I quit the secretary and live comfortably?

“Rosalin, tell me what you want.”

He stepped out of the chair and asked.

“I will quit”

His eyebrows were slightly distorted.

“Do you want to die?”

My Majesty, who doesn’t catch people, why is it to me?

Is it because I watched a drama about why Kim secretary would do it first?

Feel like the settings are subtly similar?

The background is different, but the character feels strangely overlapping

Is it just me?

In the middle of making Empress Yeoju

I was thinking about getting off the road

Except for that, it’s definitely a funny novel ..

Why did you write that part without fun …

I think a lot of people will drop off at that point