[Irin Rain] Hwangnyeo imprints traitor

The seventh woman, Ibn En Rose, died once.

Her last memories were by the rebellious Homunculus.

It was the memory of the imperial family who died of poison and swallowed poison by the brother’s scheme on their side.

By the way

“I… ..I’m not dead … .? ”

When she opens her eyes again, she realizes that she is eight years old and has returned to the past.

That was before the three queens who became the next heirs formally fell as successors.

‘This is a chance’

3 The chance to stop the fall of the imperial family as a successor by overcoming Bridgette

As part of that preparation, Eve is trying to gain the emperor’s heart and test her

The king of the Homunculus and the Michael of the prison cell, Michael, is supposed to be his knight.

“Michael, I need you, very desperately”

Will Ibuenrose get him and protect the royal family safely?

Yeoju is good and pretty and thinks about people around her.

It’s smart and smart, but it’s a bit lacking in the standards these days, but it’s girl crush.

Actually, it’s a novel that I started to see against Yeoju’s characters.

I’m still looking at the cache.